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Your Business Is Talking. Do Your Clients Listen?

15 June 2016

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4 Steps to Make Your Small Business Stand Out
In my work as a tactical marketing specialist, I have an amazing opportunity to… Read more+

Where is the Best Place to Advertise Online for Your Business?

7 June 2016

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Today, online marketing is a necessity for most small businesses. In this article David Brown, CEO of Web.com, says in addition to… Read more+

Starting on Yet ANOTHER Social Media Account?!

3 June 2016

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To launch or not to launch . . . how to determine if you should join a new social media platform for marketing your business:
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My New Website Launched But I Can’t See It

1 June 2016

If you launched a new website recently and your web designer says it’s live, but you still can’t see it immediately on your computer do not despair…. Read more+

3 Tips to Make Your Direct Mail Stand Out

14 April 2015

Using direct mail for your small business marketing? Here’s 3 quick tips to get your direct mail noticed . . . and opened!
1) Make it Lumpy
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D Media’s “Thumbs Up” to Walnut Creek Vets!

29 January 2015

D Media gives our “Thumbs Up” award to Walnut Creek Animal Hospital. See the new veterinary website that we designed and developed for this multi-doctor practice in… Read more+

Google Asks: Is Your Website Mobile-Friendly?

27 January 2015

Mobile-Friendly Websites
Google is about to launch a new mobile ranking algorithm for websites. Check out a copy of the email sent to webmasters this month.
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D Media’s “Thumbs Up” to U.S. Resilience Project (USRP)!

15 December 2014

D Media gives our “Thumbs Up” award to the U.S. Resilience Project (USRP). See the new website that we designed and developed for this national non-profit national… Read more+

How to Send Facebook Posts to Your Twitter Feed

13 November 2014

Last week a client admitted they were doing a great job with keeping their Facebook posts updated and fresh, but their Twitter account had fallen by the… Read more+

Why Use Facebook to Market Your Business?

4 November 2014

Facebook stats:
#1 Social media site IN THE WORLD
1.32 Billion+ monthly active users
69% of marketers say Facebook is useful for building a loyal fan… Read more+