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Our blog, D Brief, shares succint expert advice, trends, tips, and ideas for marketing communications tactics—focusing on print, Web, social media, and promotional products—from a corporate visual identity perspective. We welcome your thoughts so we can learn from each other.

The Importance of Fresh Website Content

8 January 2018

We advise all our business clients to add add fresh content to their websites. Why? This WebsiteMagazine.com article discusses the importance of blogging as a way to… Read more+

Protect Your Website from Hackers

15 December 2017

Website Security: What Are You Doing to Protect Your Website from Hacker Attacks?
Maybe you heard about the mass usernames and passwords that have been made public on… Read more+

Why Alt Tags Help Your Website

21 November 2017

Did you know alt tags can be added to images on your website?
Alt tags are used by screen readers, the browsers used by blind and visually impaired… Read more+

Clients Ask: How Do I Create a Facebook Business Page?

13 October 2017

Unlike other social media accounts, Facebook requires each admin to login from their own personal account, as opposed to 1 main business email account that everyone uses. To… Read more+

D Media in Voyage Dallas Magazine

15 September 2017

We are excited to share that our creative director and president, Suzi Berman, was featured in an article by Voyage Dallas Magazine! Thumbs up to @VoyageDallas and… Read more+

How Safe Are Your Employees?

1 June 2017

Embed from Getty Images
The National Safety Council encourages businesses to get involved in National Safety Month. Held each June, the goal of National Safety Month… Read more+

FREE Tools for Your Online Marketing

10 November 2016

Online marketing doesn’t always require a large budget. There are several free tools to consider. In this article Marcia Turner of Forbes reviews five options, including:
Facebook… Read more+

Can Blogging Help Your Business?

27 October 2016

Small businesses benefit from online marketing over traditional promotion because the former is often more cost-effective and shows results. Blogging can even help your businesses boost search… Read more+

What Are Hard Bounces and What Should We Do with Them?

28 September 2016

Today we received this question from a client regarding the company’s E-Newsletter mail list: What Are Hard Bounces and What Should We Do with Them?
A: When your… Read more+

Social Media Publishing: Share Blog Posts to Your Social Accounts Automatically

20 September 2016

For our clients who have a regular blog, we like to have installed on their CMS website a module or plugin that will auto share blog posts… Read more+