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A Great Tool for Customer Service: Social Media

22 August 2016

Many small businesses view social media as strictly marketing. It’s also a great medium for customer service. In this article Ana Gotter reviews several tools, including Rignite,… Read more+

7 Tips for Creating an E-Commerce Website Your Users Will Trust

25 July 2016

With an e-commerce website, gaining customers’ trust and delighting them to the point of loyalty is a key factor in your site’s success. Trust, in fact, has… Read more+

Quick tip: How many giveaways to order for a trade show?

20 July 2016

Q: “We are ordering giveaways for a trade show. How many of our selected promotional product do we need to order?”
A: “To determine how many giveaways to… Read more+

Tips for Boosting Website Traffic with Social Media

12 July 2016

Social media marketing creates interest in your target audience. It can generate links to your website, thus boosting search engine optimization (SEO) and hence more traffic. This… Read more+

How Do Prospects Find Your Business Website?

8 July 2016

As much as we love Google, unfortunately the search engine doesn’t always let businesses see the exact keywords visitors use to find their websites. This encourages web… Read more+

Optimize Your Website to Improve Brand Visibility

6 July 2016

Your website is important marketing tool that can lead to increased visibility and more sales. It gives your visitors a good impression of your brand. It makes… Read more+

Easy Ways to Edit Images on Your Social Media

30 June 2016

Easy design tools can help you create eye-catching images to use in your social media. Maybe you’ve heard of or are already using two popular desktop tools… Read more+

Your Business Is Talking. Do Your Clients Listen?

15 June 2016

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4 Steps to Make Your Small Business Stand Out
In my work as a tactical marketing specialist, I have an amazing opportunity to… Read more+

Where is the Best Place to Advertise Online for Your Business?

7 June 2016

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Today, online marketing is a necessity for most small businesses. In this article David Brown, CEO of Web.com, says in addition to… Read more+

Starting on Yet ANOTHER Social Media Account?!

3 June 2016

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To launch or not to launch . . . how to determine if you should join a new social media platform for marketing your business:
Read more+