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Postage rates change in January

To our wonderful clients who use D Media’s mailing services: A postage update.Postage Stamps

Effective January 22, 2012 USPS will increase postage costs by an average of 2.1 % across each class of mail.

For First-Class Mail Presort mailers, there is good news. With the new rates, presorted and automation letters weighing up to 2 ounces will be charged the same price.

Single-piece, 1-ounce First-Class Mail letters will increase by 1¢, to 45¢. (Additional ounces remain at 20¢.) Costs for mailing a First-Class Mail postcard will increase by 3¢ to 32¢. Costs of stamped postcards will increase 3¢, to 35¢.

For a list of new prices: http://pe.usps.com

Or download this handy PDF: DMedia-Postage Rates & Specs-2012.01

Whenever possible, we drop mail at the SCF (USPS Sectional Center Facility) for our clients’ direct mail and event mailer projects. This not only provides our clients with an extra postal discount, but it helps reduce the time the mail is in actually in the delivery system.


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10 January 2012