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D Media in Voyage Dallas Magazine


We are excited to share that our creative director and president, Suzi Berman, was featured in an article by Voyage Dallas Magazine! Thumbs up to @VoyageDallas and thank you!

In the article Suzi explains D Media, as a tactical marketing agency, has been successful because of being quick to adapt. D Media can react to changes in the market to focus on creative services most needed in our industry (such as website development, SEM/SEO and social media, for example) or most requested by clients.

Being a virtual agency allows D Media to staff skilled, seasoned associates who value flexibility over a traditional office environment. For each member on the team, our work environment is less stressful and more pleasant. She is able to bring to D Media clients highly-trained, talented people to fulfill their tactical marketing needs.

Read the full article here.


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15 September 2017